Zentail Open API Workflow Guides

This page outlines some common workflows which can be implemented easily using Zentails Open API.

If you have suggestions for other docs or workflows please reach out to us at [email protected].

API Documentation

You can view the full spec of the Zentail Open API at https://developer.zentail.com/.

Common Integration Types

  1. Shipping Software Integration
  2. Inventory Management Software Integration
  3. Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL) Integration
  4. Sales Channel

API Basics

  1. Authentication for registered Applications - You'll need a token to be able to make requests
  2. Getting an ad-hoc API Token - You'll need a token to be able to make requests
  3. Throttle Limits - Describes the throttle limits for using the Open API
  4. Timestamp Format - An explanation of the expected timestamp format
  5. Paging - An explanation of how to get multiple pages of data from our API

Common Operations

  1. Managing Product Data with Reports
  2. Getting Updates on Sales Orders